California Northstate’s hospital rejected by Elk Grove Planning Commission

CNU Hospital/Biotech Project Review

This review of CNU’s Hospital/Biotech Project was prepared by the Elk Grove Stonelake Master Association for members of the Elk Grove City Council and Planning Commission to examine various misleading claims made by CNU, and to highlight potentially disastrous environmental problems with the project, including threatening the nearby Wildlife Refuge, and posing a significant flood risk that would incapacitate the hospital and threaten the lives of patients.

This review will be referenced at the Planning Commission on Thursday, February 18th, 2021.

Report on the Impact of California Northstate University Medical Center by Varshney and Associates

CNU Wetlab/Hospital Project Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)

This Final EIR about the CNU Wetlab/Hospital Project has been prepared by the City of Elk Grove to respond to comments received on the Draft EIR, and to present corrections, revisions, and other clarifications and amplifications to the Draft EIR, which was published in late 2020.

This Final EIR will be used to support the City of Elk Grove’s decision regarding whether to approve the Project.

* Please be patient. Due to file size, the PDF takes a moment to load.

The Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge Response to the Final EIR